storefrontWelcome to Lexington's premier fish and seafood shop. We have an excellent selection of fresh fish and seafood available and are able to get special items or higher quantities as needed. Please call us and we will be happy to hold or acquire what ever you need.

We are located in the Chevy Chase area:

Suite 110
867 East High St
Lexington, KY 40502

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Phone: (859) 266-8888

Stop by for Lunch or Dinner

All fresh fish available as sandwich, over rice or veggies or with a tossed salad.

Tuna; light and mild flavored steak like richi n protein 12.95 17.95
Seabass; rich white meat melt in your mouth flavor 12.95 17.95
Swordfish; sweet firm steak like 11.95 16.95
Halibut; firm flacky texture delicate succulent flavor 12.95 17.95
Salmon; omega 3, fatty red flesh 9.95 14.95
Scallops; full flavor sweet light meat 11.95 16.95
Grouper; lean no bones great flavor 11.95 16.95
Snapper; moist white flesh has a delicate sweet flavor 11.95 16.95
Mahi Mahi; large flaked sweetly moist meat has exquisit flavor 9.95 14.95
Arctic Char; cross between salmon and trout, highest omega-3 9.95 14.95
Sole; mild white fish 8.95 12.95
Walleye; best tasting lake fish 9.95 14.95
Rainbow Trout; boneless and mild 8.95 12.95
Roughy; milde white sweet 8.95 11.95
Shrimp; high protein low fat 8.95 12.95
Crab Cake; jumbo lump almost no filler 8.95 12.95
Lobster Tail; sweet plump white meat mkt mkt
Alaskan King Crab Leg; dangerous catch sweetest white meat mkt mkt

counter* price includes 1 side for lunch, and 2 sides for dinner.

Blackened, Grilled, Steamed, Baked Broiled. 7 Grain Roll or Chibata for Sandwich.



Slaw, Rice, Tossed Salad, Steamed Vegetables 1.25


Clam Chowder Bowl 5.95
Cup 4.50
Shrimp & Corn Chowder Bowl 5.95
Cup 4.50
Lobster Bisque Bowl 5.95
Cup 4.50
Oyster Soup Bowl 5.95
Cup 4.50
Maryland Crab Bowl 5.95
Cup 4.50

*soups change daily

Call ahead for prompt service. All our prders are flesh from the case. Pleas allow 10-15 min.