Lunch Menu

Join us for Lunch between 11:30AM - 3:00PM

All fresh fish available by itself, or as a sandwich on a Chibata Roll

Tuna; light and mild flavored steak like richi n protein 12.99
Seabass; rich white meat melt in your mouth flavor 13.99
Swordfish; sweet firm steak like 11.99
Halibut; firm flacky texture delicate succulent flavor 13.99
Salmon; omega 3, fatty red flesh 10.99
Scallops; full flavor sweet light meat 11.99
Grouper; lean no bones great flavor 11.99
Snapper; moist white flesh has a delicate sweet flavor 11.99
Mahi Mahi; large flaked sweetly moist meat has exquisit flavor 10.99
Arctic Char; cross between salmon and trout, highest omega-3 10.99
Walleye; best tasting lake fish 10.99
Rainbow Trout; boneless and mild 9.99
Scallops; Sweet and light full of flavor 11.99
Shrimp; high protein low fat 10.99
Crab Cake; jumbo lump almost no filler 10.99

counter* Alll lunches include one side.

Available Blackened, Lemon Peppered, Seafood Rubbed, Tuscan Sprinkled.



Slaw, Red Beans and Rice, Tossed Salad, Steamed Vegetables 1.50


Clam Chowder Bowl 6.99
Cup 5.50
Shrimp & Corn Chowder Bowl 6.99
Cup 5.50
Lobster Bisque Bowl 6.99
Cup 5.50

*soups change daily

Call ahead for prompt service. All our prders are flesh from the case. Pleas allow 10-15 min.